Chairman Message

I Prof.K.Thilagavathi, B.Sc (N) Hons, M.Sc (N), Ph.D., Chairman of Jainee College of Engineering and Technology, Wishes and Welcome to you all on board. I am overjoyed to be in the position of guiding and making you all trained, who do possess a deep aspiration for serving the mankind. The engineering profession is the prime of its kind will help you to achieve goals.

I assure you all, a nice time of collegiate and worth learning in our Jainee College of Engineering and Technology.

We the Jainee college of Engineering and Technology owe you and the mankind a task of building good engineering and technical capacities to be achieved with the strengths of our program design and coherence of our faculty.

May our goals of service get fulfilled in emancipation to the mankind. Health and Education are the two eyes of the society, which only lights the human life with bright future. Hence, I concentrated more on health and education.

I once again wish to impress you that you will be a bright candidate with an Engineering Degreeto claim any type of Engineering Employment in any places / companies with the confidence of one of the product of “Jainee College of Engineering & Technology”. No doubt the student of Jainee College of Engineering and Technology, when she / he come out of the college could be at a step ahead than the student of any other reputed Engineering college in our State.