Quality Policy

The Jainee College of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to continuous improvement by providing educational opportunities and services that meet the needs of learners, industry and our community by:

Operating and adhering to a formal Quality Management System, based on and compliant with the requirements. Involving Education and industry in both the development and evolution of our courses and training programmes. Establishing and ensure that programmes and services are designed and implemented with a commitment to meet Industrial and International requirements. Ensure staff is highly qualified through ongoing recruitment development and training. Implementing quality management systems which demonstrate that everybody in the college has a commitment to the quality of our service.

Ensure that each member of the college management and staff at all levels are responsible for the quality of their own work. Developing and delivering training that emphasises competency based education principles. Ensure that standards are maintained and improved by active monitoring, reviewing and taking appropriate action for all activities.
Make sure that measurable and realistic quality objectives are established annually, communicated to all staff and evaluated, reviewed and revised on an enduring basis. Our key quality objectives are delivering the highest standard of learning programmes and that participants would recommend the programmes to someone they know as measured by exit questionnaires. Our aim is to eliminate student complaints, experience zero operational errors and increase the satisfaction of all our students at all levels of competency by helping them to achieve higher grade marks and preparing them to make a difference in the workplace. The Quality Policy will be displayed in prominent positions throughout Jainee College of Engineering and Technology facilities, and will form part of all new employee induction training. This Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued suitability.


The college is located on the Dindigul-Theni National Highway and is easily reachable by public and private transport from Dindigul, Theni, Periyakulam, Madurai, Palani, Karur. The College is located in artistic location with full of Greenery with countless trees Surrounded, Hi-tech and Massive infrastructure and International approach of the college towards education guarantee a delightful learning experience to our students.